Will-Shock-You News: Spotify sued for $1.6 billion over music copyrights.

Spotify sued for $1.6 billion over Ton Petty, Steely Dan music copyrights.

BMI, ASCAP, music publishers, and record labels are aggressively going after venues, video producers, and websites that play copyrighted music without paying royalties and performance mechanicals.  There is so much information online about music copyright law that ignorance of the law is no defense or excuse.

The alternative to paying royalties – ROYALTY FREE MUSIC!  There are many companies offering excellent royalty free music.  One of the first music libraries to offer royalty free music was Narrator Tracks Music in 1990.  Many libraries since then have followed suit and offer royalty free music.

I’ve had the opportunity to produce music for Narrator Tracks since 1989 and 750 compositions later now own the company.  We have over 1000 royalty free tracks in a wide variety of genres.  CLICK HERE to preview tracks on my updated website.

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