Logic Pro X Tips & Tricks – Changing Sample Rate

Have you ever wanted to change the sample rate of your Logic Pro X project in mid-session after you’ve recorded audio?

I got an email from my nephew who’s currently studying audio production at Abbey Road Institute in Amsterdam (pic above). He wanted to down sample from 88.2 to 44.1. But when he changed the sample rate from within the Logic session the audio played back half as fast. Not exactly what he wanted.

I’ve been working in Logic Pro X since the late 80’s when the software was called Notator, developed by the Germany company C-Lab. It ran on an Atari desktop computer.

Well, here’s how to change the sample rate in mid-session:

  1. Open the Audio window.
  2. Select all the audio files
  3. Pull down the Audio File menu and select Copy/Convert File(s)…
  4. Change the Sample Rate to desired rate.
  5. Save the files.
  6. Change the sample rate in Logic to match the sample rate you chose.

You should be good to go.  It doesn’t get much easier!

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