Realizing Dreams: You Never Know …

There is a saying, “you never know”.  In the music biz, it’s the “dangling carrot”.  Something that continues to motivate creatives.  You never know when an opportunity will present itself.  You never know when you’re going to affect someone’s life.  You never know when hard work becomes a dream come true.

That “carrot” dangles in front of the most seasoned musicians and part-time dreamers.  When the two meet, before you know it, “you never know”.



This Saturday on WAPL’s Home Brewed Radio Show you will hear a dream realized.  The show is hosted by Fox Valley local music advocates John Jordan and Len Nelson.  On the playlist is Chris Sharenbroch’s “Equilibrium”.  The song was written and recorded by Chris and features Janet Planet on vocals.  It was mixed and mastered at Steel Moon Recording, WAMI-nominated for Best Recording Studio.  The opportunity to help a hard-working creative like Chris realize his music, is one of the joys of music.

I also have the great honor of being nominated Best Recording Engineer/Producer for my contribution to the creative continuum in our beloved state.  After 45 years in music and recording, this year the WAMI’s dangles a carrot.

In addition one of the bands I perform with, KWT, has also been nominated for Best Jazz Artist.  Scott Dercks on guitar, Kevin Wells on bass and Tony Taylor on drums.  I am very proud to share this nomination with friends.  One of the more enjoyable bands I’ve performed with!

Being recognized for one’s life’s work is a good thing but being recognized by one’s peers is even better.  I am humbled to be included in such great company!  Quite frankly, we all deserve a WAMI.  I am truly lucky and blessed to be part of the Wisconsin community of musicians.

Because “you never know”.

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